Why You Should Switch To Brave Browser

When people first hear about the Brave browser, the first thing they usually ask is “is it worth switching to Brave“?

Reasons You Should Switch To Brave Browser

  • Never see another Ad again. Ever.
  • Block malicious scripts and trackers.
  • Load pages 3x-6x faster than Chrome or Firefox.
  • Built-in Torrent client.
  • Private Browsing With Tor (Hide your IP).
  • Chrome compatible.

Brave was founded by the creator of Javascript and former CEO of Mozilla. It’s a project that has been in development since its first release in 2016. Brave now boasts over 10 million users.

Brave operates on the belief that Internet giants should not be getting rich off of selling your user behavior. Ads and scripts are blocked because Brave believes they should not be tracking your behavior and slowing your browser down.

Brave and Chrome are both build on the open-source project Chromium. Brave also uses the Chrome User-agent when browsing which makes Brave indistinguishable from Chrome. This makes the Brave browser almost impossible to block or track.

up to 6x faster than chrome or firefox, brave browser image

Why Don’t More People Use The Brave Browser?

Brave has not received the press it deserves for a good reason. Its sole purpose is to undermine the status quo. Ad-blocking isn’t an extension of the Brave browser, it is hard-coded. Blocking ads is bad for business, and there are many sites out there who would love nothing more than to see Brave go away. It’s not the crypto wallets, the torrents, the integration of Tor, or any other feature. Brave will always live or die on its ability to load pages faster by blocking unnecessary scripts and ads. As long as Brave continues to block ads, it will receive pushback from those who want their ads are shown and their scripts tracking.

Brave knows that their best feature is their biggest hurdle. As a result, they have developed their own Ad system. This Ad system is an “opt-in” system that pays users to see ads. Most Brave users do not bother with this feature.

Brave has its own Cryptocurrency token called BAT. It is the currency used when being paid for viewing ads. The currency can also be used to contribute financially to web content in a similar fashion to Patreon.

In short, Brave’s features are designed for users, not for shareholders. If you think privacy is important, if you value speed, if you hate excessive ads, and if you want a browser to work the same as Chrome on the sites you visit – download Brave browser.

Brave Browser Saves You Time And Money

The Brave browser is one of the most sophisticated ad blockers around. In addition to blocking ads, it blocks tracking and malicious scripts. All of this blocking not only speeds up your browser, it also saves you bandwidth. Brave keeps track of these stats for you, letting you know how many ads and trackers it has blocked, and how much time and bandwidth you have saved.

The Brave economy provides a way to earn money through viewing ads, or as a content creator. If you have a blog or a social following, you can sign up for Brave rewards and get paid for anyone you refer to Brave. Content creators are also able to allow Brave users to contribute to their platform as a one time tip or as a monthly contribution (similar to Patreon).

Brave Download

From a user perspective, you will immediately notice Brave pages load faster and have less clutter. Open tabs don’t slow you down as much because of all the script blocking Brave does on its own. Your RAM usage will be lower, you will use less bandwidth and you will save time. Brave provides all the upside of Chrome, but with a significant increase in speed and privacy. Is it worth it to install the Brave browser? Download it and find out.

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