How To Put Amazon Seller Central In Vacation Mode

Are you going away but are not sure how to put your Amazon seller account into vacation mode? Keep in mind that you will still have to answer questions within the specified timeframe by customers who have already ordered from you. Vacation mode allows you to control when your listings are active or inactive providing an easy way to take some time off.

How To Put Amazon Seller Central In Vacation Mode

  1. Login to Amazon Seller Central. Click on Settings in the top right corner, then select Account Info.
Amazon Seller Central. Settings – Account Info.

2. The listing status box has a hyperlink on the right side that says “Going on a vacation?“, click on this link.

Listing status box. An arrow pointing to “Going on a vacation?”.

3. You should now be at the Vacation Settings page. Select the countries you wish to deactivate during your vacation. Click the save button to activate the Vacation Mode.

Vacation Settings arrow pointing to inactive and to the save button
Vacation Settings. Choose the Amazon properties to deactivate.

4. You should be directed back to the Account Info page (Settings – Account Info). You will see beside “Current Status Of Listings” that your listing is inactive and not available for sale.

Listing Status. Shows listings as Inactive.

5. When your vacation is over, follow the same steps as above except you will be setting the Amazon sites as Active rather than Inactive on the Vacation Settings page.