How To Install WireGuard On Windows

WireGuard is open-source VPN software that runs on a variety of operating systems, including Linux, Windows 10, OSX, iOS, and Android.

This guide assumes you are using Windows 10 and WireGuard to connect to a VPN server such as AlgoVPN. If you are using Android or iOS, simply download and install the app. The mobile version of the WireGaurd client will ask for a QR code that can be found with the key pairs generated by AlgoVPN. If you are not using AlgoVPN you will likely need to request the QR code from your IT department or VPN service provider.

How To Install Wireguard:

  1. Click Here to download and install the Wireguard client.
Wireguard download screen, red arrow pointing to download

2. Open the Wiregaurd installer. Windows will ask if the App has permission to make changes. Click Yes.

3. When the install is complete, Wireguard will startup with a blank screen as shown below. Click on the down arrow beside the button that says Add Tunnel.
4. Select Add empty tunnel from the drop-down menu.

red arrow pointing to add tunnel dropdown

5. Give your tunnel a name. Erase the text in the text box.

Create new tunnel window

6. Paste your .conf file found on your AlgoVPN server. Your configuration should similar to the below.

edit tunnel window with complete keys
#Example Configuration

PrivateKey = ML9RUNPaPEN0PyeyEwHziSwwZ/Cq8N2U2NfcdKB6c3w=
Address =

PublicKey = geowbqOZ8Dmup2RRIhTnVJU1yqDFDiX9CySBpdjLPTc=
PresharedKey = J7yEGE9OT9DZ5txfW0qYlmMlc4+aDcuYeE9IZvcnBqg=
AllowedIPs =, ::/0
Endpoint =

7 Hit save. You can now activate Wireguard as shown below. Wiregaurd will show that it’s active and you should see traffic flowing through it.

wiregaurd screen arrows pointing at activate transfer and deactivate button

You may need to activate and deactivate the tunnel when trying to access printers or other local network devices. As far as your operating system and the rest of the world is concerned about your network you are your server. Go check your IP and location to make sure the setup is complete.