How To Install Virtual Media On An iDrac

The iDRAC is a Dell remote access controller. This controller allows for remote power cycling, and a virutal console with keyboard, video, and mouse. It also provides a number of ways to roll out an operating system or vmware.

The initial client setup for the virtual console requires that Java is installed properly. This can provide a challenge on some machines, and is outside the scope of this guide. Make sure that Java is installed on your local machine and your browser is configured.

This guide was made using an iDRAC6, but the concepts should apply to other models as well.

How To Fix Connection Errors For iDRAC On Windows 10

Start Menu Showing Internet Explorer highlighted and microsoft edge below
Selecting Internet Explorer Over Microsoft Edge

1. Make sure to add the iDRAC IP address to your Trusted sites. Add both both https and http, and set the security settings to Low for trusted sites. Go to Internet Options then click on Security Tab to change the settings.

2. Add the iDRAC to the Compatibility View settings under Tools in Internet Explorer.

3. Open the Java control panel. Click on Security then click on exclusions. Add the IP address for the iDRAC into exclusions.

4. Open Internet Explorer, connect to the iDRAC, and click on Virtual Console. Other web browsers such as Chrome or Brave will work, but require configuration that is outside the scope of this guide. Make sure you are using IE and not Edge.

5. On Windows 10, press the Start key, then start typing Internet Explorer – it should show up in the results, click or hit enter to open it.

How To Mount Virtual Media Using An iDRAC

On the iDRAC you can mount virtual media wiithout an SD card or remote share. This allows you to install a new operating system or setup vmware remotely.

1. Locate or download the ISO file for what you are trying to install. If you are trying to reinstall Ubuntu or other Linux distro, download the net install version, otherwise installation will be extremely slow and may fail.

2. When you use the browser to connect to iDRAC, there is a tab that says Console/Media and another tab below it that says Virtual Console and Virtual Media.

3. Click on the Configuration tab beside the Virtual Console and Virtual Media tab.

4. Change the configuration for Virtual Console so Java is selected as the plugin type.

5. Change the configuration for Virtual Media so status says Attach.

6. Navigate back to the Virtual Console and Virtual Media tab. Click on the button that says Launch Virtual Console.

7. You will likely get an “untrusted” security warning, click Continue.

Do you want to continue website untrusted dirac6

8. You may also get a Java warning asking if you’d like to run the application. Click on Run.

Jave do you want to run this application.  DIRAC6

9. When your virtual terminal is launched you will see on the toolbar the option for Virtual Media, click on Virtual Media then click on Launch Virtual Media.

DIRAC6 menu, virtual media, launch virtual media.

10. Click on “Add Image” and select the ISO you want to mount.

Add image button for virutal media

11. Click on the Mapped checkbox to allow your ISO to be used as a virtual drive.

Arrow pointing to mapped checkbox, dirac6 virtual media

12. Reboot your server with the Virtual Terminal still open, and on the BIOS select F12 for your boot options.

You will see your virtual media on the boot option window.  It will show up as a device, usually emulating a USB stick or CD/DVD media. Select the appropriate boot device and install your iso.